The React.js Architecture

The React.js Architecture

React.js Architecture.png


Rebuild provides linguistic tags and keystrokes to display HTML. Since this part is planned, you can collect the application only to React and describe what you want to see.

The reorganization will be renewed; as well as basic information Basic principles The answer is (1) flexibility, (2) effect and (3) the test number.

Feeling flexible, you can use many projects to create new applications

What is the flow?

We find that the action is to take care of V or part of the MVC View. What about M or the visual section? In Flux, the software program handles M in MVC.

The building is responsible for the creation of fraudulent documents in the JavaScript applications and the creation of requests from customers who comply with Flux for the Compostable React View with one side of the data.

We can also say that Flux is a test larger than one of the tables and has four main sections:

  • fishing
  • stores
  • Visual (Creation)
  • the action

This is not the same as the MVC you see in other formats. But yes, there are some checkpoints, but there are many supervisory opinions.

Flux follows the conceptual idea of DC, making it easier to zero. The data is made using hard tubes through its application. React and Flux is targeting in two of the most popular ways to follow the idea of one side of the data.

While React uses the DOM product to change the path, Flux works differently. In Flux, the integration between the group of users will activate a series of steps to modify the data of the application. Changes to the notice are visible.


Now that we have the MVC and Flux laboratories, the next question is that this is a good option. Let’s leave it so deep:

There are different types of MVC formats, but the basic idea of each one is the same:

Model – protects the application process and information.

View – illustrate the example in the interface.

Control: use the user’s input, work with the format and update the view

The biggest problem with MVC is that it is not suitable for the large Facebook base. Flux has shown that it is a good option because it is an application change process.


Flow-Flux is very difficult in the application. Accident data can set some strict rules and exclude foot migration. There is no MVC, and the walk is done differently.

The direct delay of dehydration: although the MVCs are two ways, Flux is in the same direction as the data source. The store cannot be changed, it is a similar idea for all other steps. The changes that must be made must be through the Dispatcher through the Measures.

Store: Although MVC cannot always make personal items, Flux can do this to save information about the application.

When it comes to selecting Flux or MVC, Flux would be a good choice because it is easy to understand and work with the least amount of code.

When you understand the weakening of bidirectional information, it would be easy to understand why one of the best sources of data.

In the two-dimensional information academy, it has standard information: Visual-View-Controller. But when the applications are too complex, the director begins to feel the pressure.

The superintendent has a great responsibility to protect the status of applications and information. It is also difficult to understand cascading modernization and correct the error.

Through one-to-one information, the problem is reduced and the time after a predictable and predictable situation. If the information flow is one, the change in the content layer will trigger an action layer in the data layer. These changes are then reflected in the vision. The visual can not directly affect the data of the application.

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