Advantages And Disadvantages of Nodejs

Advantages And Disadvantages of Nodejs

Advantages And Disadvantages of Nodejs


Currently, JavaScript is a very popular Looga language program to another client. With a range of environments ranging from different levels, Node.js allows the development to run on the web server. But Node.js is different from other Javascript formats. This explains the JavaScript code through the Google V8 JavaScript machine.

In addition, Javascript, the most important open spaces are written. Therefore, web developers can use Node.js to use JavaScript to promote both sides and network requests. However, it is also important that those who develop the web understand the mainstream and strength of Node.js.

The Advantages of Node.Js.

The js is fast.

Node js uses the Google V8 device for Chrome. V8 will automatically join the magazine, which will lead to higher speed and efficient computing performance.

Java language

The javascript language is used to wrap the ns js on both sides and in the past. As a developer, you do not need to learn the new language version of Node Js. Even the creation of the new java can be easier to work with js.

Open sources

Js is an open source freely used in accordance with the MIT license. Node js is a web-based website based on Linux, Mac, Linux.

Active community support.

Node.js is a comprehensive network of developers that combines communication, learning, and contribution to various projects. This community also runs GitHub.

Asynchronous I / O

Space uses the asynchronous program. Not all I / O activities are closed, you can do many tasks at the same time. Users can send many emails, database operations and read the same files at the same time.

Disadvantages of Node.Js:

It is not so suitable for intensive tasks of the CPU

The Loop event is the main feature of Node js, but its code may be upside down. Therefore, Node js is not suitable for CPU-based functions, if it does, reduce your application.

It is not useful for important applications.

Node js does not support many programs, so it is only the preferred option (online games, just chat) easy to use. If you use heavy codes, your choice is incorrect.


The Node.js API has a series of problems that follow. In most cases, when the new API receives many original changes, the programs need to change the code to track them.

Unfair information is uninstalled.

The maximum period of contact information is treated in secret during work with js. If the problem persists, the developers of Node js can use the SQL data (Mongo DB). It eliminates the extra effort to learn new information.

Do you want to know more about the Node.js website? Share the answers or comments below. I’m happy to help you!

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