Why use AngularJS for your next web app?

Why use AngularJS for your next web app?

angular 2.0What is AngularJS?

Published by Google in 2009, AngularJS is now one of the most popular JavaScript formats. However, it is still the best way. So why Easy because it is easy to use, it provides an easy way to use for all development methods and the JavaScript method.

AngularJS concepts

  • Increase the speed of HTML attributes.
  • HTML data requirements.
  • Extends variable control.
  • Both factions are closed.
  • Preparation of HTML.
  • Realization of events.
  • Observe.
  • Tetanus test.
  • Management.
  • Services
  • Walk.

It allows the DOM of the Doom to be stable and easy. Therefore, simple problems can be linked directly to HTML. HTML can be used as a template. In addition, it allows the extension of the HTML syntax to highlight the components.

  • Has little change between JS and HTML based on the base. Therefore, stability is better.
  • This system builds developers marked with applications and facilitates testing, maintenance, and renovation.
  • You can easily attach it to your HTML code of AngularJS with simple text.

What about angular 2.0?

Angular 2.0 has the same purpose as AngularJS, but a completely new style. His qualities and style are very different.

  • Components change font size and management. This seems to be a directive of the proposal.

The Dependency Prevention System provides a great effect.

  • Provide how to create your own directives.
  • Supports the latest standards (ES6).
  • Any type of TypeScript is available.
  • Very concrete and concrete. How to use the server
  • Less than 20kb.
  • The angle of the router 2.0 only works if necessary. Therefore, it is fast.

What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular 2.0?

As mentioned earlier, Angular 2.0 is not a renovation, but a general renovation of the station’s general structure. It is close to the new features, while a number of changes in the way things work. Such conflicts are the basis, while users of Angular 1.x do not pass 2.0.

  • Although the limit was the AngularJs key, version 2.0 is not compatible.
  • Suggestions for ideas and drivers with version 1.x are included in Fact Sheet 2.0.
  • Some regular advance directives (such as Ng * for repetition changes)

And all the new AngularJS features are added!

So, why Angular 2.0?

Because AngularJS is still great.

  • He still uses many people to develop, with his community stronger. As a result, development problems can be quickly solved using other web-based systems.
  • Google is still compatible and constantly updated. Therefore, it is appropriate for that day.
  • Although Angular 2.0 is more than similar, it is not easy to send requests from 1.x to 2.0. All code must be retransmitted.
  • In addition to all logic and logic methods, Angular 2 is difficult to learn. Especially those who never worked with TypeScript.
  • Even BETA, many of the developers know that they are moving quickly.

Reasons why you like to use AngularJS

A great community.

It offers many opportunities for development and customer service. Developers can easily access information and solutions. Customers have a wide selection of development teams.

• Read the code.

Although the code is understandable to readers, it is easier to continue. In addition, in this case, the parties do not close the developers with fewer problems if the programs change.

• Google as the creator.

Someone can say that it is not a direct benefit of AngularJS. However, Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery are in fact in IT. Finally, it was widely supported.

• Accurate.

The developers do not need all the libraries and can even change them. Therefore, the size can be very small.

• Accurate.

Filters allow data to be released before they occur. So it helps to solve the descriptions, design, and repetition of the text.

• Quickly cut those.

Although large and heavy network requests require a lot of development time, AngularJS accepts the rapid development of small applications. In addition, it can also be used to develop large projects.

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