What is AngularJS and how does it work?

What is AngularJS and how does it work?


The AngularJS definitions, as shown in their official documents, are the following: AngularJS is a web application for web applications that allows you to use HTML, as well as adding HTML in a clear and concise manner in its sections. Corner … data capture and overclocking on the code you need now to write and this happens in the browser, it is a good server for all server manufacturers. “


The main functions of AngularJS are:

Data –Binding:

Automated data automation between structure and elements of the image. When the changes change, it is shown directly in the views and in the others. The demolition of the DOM is easy due to the linked data.

For example the JS Code


A scope is something that refers to the application process. Contact the link between the tutor and the views.

Here, “volume $” depends on DemoController. We can offer up to $ HTML views.


Javascript works depend on a variety of perspectives depending on specific restrictions. Each view must be connected to a special restriction.

Here we are in the DemoController linked to <div>


AngularJS has many services, for example $ http to create the AJAX requirements. We can create your own services according to the needs and availability of these services in our application. The service must be ours, where you are using it.


Filters are used to convert data. Choose a part of the labels that returns a new diagram.


The guidelines are one of the best features of AngularJS. We can create HTML tags and special characters. ngModel, ngShow, ngHide, for example, the default angular angle.


This shows the information in the management and management information. This can be one or several views on a page using “partial”.


The vehicles are used to change the idea. Temporary services are available in the process.

 Model view whatever:

MVC is a model to distribute applications in different categories (called Model, View and Managed), each one has its own responsibility. AngularJS does not carry out the meaning of the culture of the MVC, but the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). The JS team is honored with the Model View any view.

 Dependency injection:

AngularJS supports the connection of needles. Help the developer to use the components. We can create our own unique way and we can launch our application.


AngularJS offers the ability to develop an active application on one side by writing a regular number of clean sheets.

AngularJS provides information on connected equipment. The democratization of the DOM is easier due to this issue.

AngularJS supports a deep dependence that helps to develop the reuse of the sector.

AngularJS allows many things to use.

The developer can write the lowest code and can achieve additional work.

AngularJS applications can be run in all major windows and larger locations, such as Android / iphone / computers.

AngularJS is hosted by Google. So there is a great community of developers.


Under the Jaak system, AngularJS applications are not secure. The secret services and the Looga permits needed to protect the application.

If Javascript users are broken, AngularJS will not work.

Categories: The AngularJS category can be divided into the following three areas:

ng-app: This directive is used to carry out corner applications.

 Model ng:Values for HTML and HTML tags.

link: This guide applies to the integration of data labeled HTML.


I like AngularJS because of the good features. I summarized the most essential tool to help build an AngularJS application.

You can check the AngularJS website http://angularjs.org. There are many types of jobs and excellent documentation.

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