Creating Highly Reusable AngularJS Components

Creating Highly Reusable AngularJS Components

Prepare your AngularJS application in the angle


No questions if you want to create a new application today, you can start an Angular 2+ angle. However, thousands of applications of AngularJS (Angular 1.X) are still being manufactured, AngularJS is nowhere else. In fact, AngularJS still sees the development and support of the group.

The upgrade would also be a favorite of the rich community of open source and open libraries in the AngularJS area that opposed the new and limited flow. There are several reasons why you want to make an application in AngularJS. If you change your application ng1 to ng2 + radar, consider that the collection of the application is a requirement to move.

The new features of 1.5.x are included in the repetition, especially in partial support and one-to-one data integration. We will see how these methods can be delivered to create recyclable pieces for future AngularJS applications in the new framework.

Component Organization

In the pages of the eight pages, such as the intensity of the vision with different parts or “foolish”, can be responsible for a common task.

It is part of the surroundings. One of the most important components is responsible.

This is a sign of each theme, while all the rules and regulations are written in many places.

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen is the delivery of child information for data, taking a particular case using or using any service on the site. After a while, it is difficult to understand and the exam cannot be renewed because it is difficult to request cases of private use.

The first part of “Hello World”

The easiest part of this will look like this. Note how similar the instructions are.

 Communication parts

Let’s say we are doing an angel service for you. The most important aspect of the page is the link to a list of links that you can use. We want to use the contact list of other areas of our application, so it is important that this be effective.

The list of contacts has a purpose. To view a list of contacts, you can access from the server and perform the configuration you selected.

The official section must accept the list of lists in the contact list and add the list of recipients.

The list of teachers is called “silly” because we do not know the message we send or who it is. It works only at moderately low levels. It is part of the sending letters (), and we obtain the list of selected individuals.

A part of the fool calls the parents “OnUpdate”, where both are keys to the keys. This ensures that an order is issued within the main section that is not affected when you listen to the changes. Make sure the names are the same.


Creating AngularJS members in this way can help improve efficiency by replacing two-legged data. It also provides you with good and accessible reusable parts for your application.

Finally, the applications in English that are listed in the sections are designed to move to the corner following the same way of organizing your tree-based application.

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